A Family Lost Their Dog Tonight

A family lost their dog tonight.

Baxter’s injuries were too severe for his little body and the family made the painful decision to end his suffering.

A two year old Miniature Pinscher has abundant energy, enthusiasm and playfulness. Baxter saw his opportunity to sneak out the door and took it, leading his two young people on a chase through the neighborhood. He would stop long enough for them to get close then off he went to widen the gap. Others attempted to intervene with no success.

Fear mounted when Baxter headed for busy Davis Lane. He crossed safely once. The second time he was struck by a pick-up truck. A witness said the driver stopped briefly, then continued. Baxter’s teenage person scooped him up and got him to the vet.

Within a few hours a family lost their little friend and Baxter’s sister Bailey lost her playmate.

You likely know what happened and didn’t stop. You likely saw the little dog run out and maybe you couldn’t stop in time or take evasive action. But just as likely, you saw the face of the young man who witnessed what happened to his little dog. And you drove away. You drove away from your deed and their suffering.


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