Seizure Doubles Austin Humane Society Dog Population

Ernie before and after

May 23, 2011

Seizure doubles Austin Humane Society dog population

by Rena Brady

In a collaborative effort between Bastrop County Animal Control and the Austin Humane Society, nearly 150 dogs were removed from a Bastrop County home where they were living in squalor amid feces, urine and trash. Several of the dogs had severely matted fur with pounds of dirt and feces that greatly impacted their mobility. All the dogs were urine-soaked and infested with fleas. Eighty-nine of the dogs were removed from the home Friday with the remaining fifty-nine voluntarily surrendered today. The owners sought help stating they were overwhelmed with the number of dogs on their property.
“It is astonishing to see these animals in this condition,” says Frances Jonon, Austin Humane Society Executive Director, “and absolutely heartbreaking to see animals suffering such severe neglect.”
The majority of the dogs are under fifteen pounds and include breeds such as Yorkshire terrier, Pomeranian, Chihuahua, Dachshund, Poodle, Jack Russell, Cocker Spaniel, and mixes of these breeds as well as several Australian Cattle Dogs and one Great Pyrenees.
None of the dogs had been spayed, neutered or vaccinated and had likely not received proper veterinary care.
“We are seeing a variety of medical conditions including skin conditions, malnourishment, open sores, weeping eyes and severely matted fur,” says Jonon. “Yet, despite all they have been through, their tails are wagging and they are ready to give affection.”
All of the dogs are being medically evaluated and groomed on the site.
This rescue effort has instantly doubled the Austin Humane Society’s animal population, placing a large financial burden on the shelter. The AHS is asking for community support to help the animals in any way possible, through either donations or adoption. In addition to monetary donations, there is an immediate need for medium, large and extra large wire crates, medium carriers and towels of all sizes. These can be dropped off at the shelter at 124 W. Anderson Lane between 7am and 7pm any day this week. For more information call 512-682-0120.

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